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    Kevesebb Az Office támogatása Frissítés most Amikor beír egy termékkulcsot az Office.

    He has merged token plus professional knowledge and experience as a bank manager in the traditional system with contemporary trends in the crypto economics field. He understands the needs of customers and the problems and drawbacks of the current monetary system.

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    Sarang Kim Director of Finance She is a senior professional in accounts and administration support. She has intimate knowledge on financial processes, operating results and profitability.

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    He is very clever at identifying new business opportunities - including new markets, growth areas, trends, customers, products and services and is a great communicator. He can think and work strategically to generate leads from prospective customers. He has proven talent in media production, messaging, communications and social media marketing.

    She brings a vast token plus with international trade organisations. Nasser Sagoe Senior Software Engineer He is an experienced Information Technology Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry.

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    His 8 plus years of experience incorporates both technology and management roles at various levels. Over the years he has amassed massive experience in these roles coupled with his extensive domain knowledge of the IT industry.

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    He is working as a Logistics supervisor in a reputed MNC from last 5 years. He was one of the early investors of CAZ projects and later joined the team to handle its social media accounts. Anand Jain Software Engineer Anand is our lead developer with 7 years of experience in web application development, project management, client handling, and team handling.

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    He is very keen on new age technologies like Blockchain and AI. He takes the responsibility of leading the team of support engineers and provide high-quality technical support for CAZ Project customers. He co-founded and acted as strategic marketing advisor for various crypto projects.

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    He joined Caz Projects as an Advisor and Philippines Community manager and responsible for management and development of the brand's online community.

    Zahid Imran Investment Advisor Zahid is a highly accomplished strategist, advisor and consultant for various crypto currency projects.

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