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    The TPM is a hardware-based system security feature that can securely store information, such as Truster opciók and encryption keys, which can be used to authenticate the platform.

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    It can also be used to store platform measurements that help ensure that the platform remains trustworthy. The TPM v1.

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    The optional TPM v1. To prevent possible damage to the TPM module or to the system board, the TPM cannot be removed from the board once it has been installed.

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    BitLocker is a feature in Windows Server that works with a kibocsátó lehetőségei in the TPM to provide authenticated system boot and logical disk drive encryption. The TPM logically and physically protects the key used for encryption to safeguard operating system integrity and data.

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    BitLocker-based physical protection is active even when the server is not powered or operating. Therefore, BitLocker protects data if a disk is stolen and mounted on another machine for data mining. BitLocker also protects data if an attacker uses a different operating system or runs a software hacking tool to access a disk.

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